Friday, May 01, 2009

U.S. Citizens Secretly Innoculated Against Swine Flu

Several years ago I wrote a post in which I speculated upon the existence of a black operations program being run within the U.S. military - a program which employed weather modification techniques to develop, and deploy, a broad variety cutting edge and experimental weapons.

One argument which I put forth was that a weather modification program could be used to disseminate, that is to inoculate, the mass population without its knowledge or consent, against a variety of potential bio weapons, including bacterial and viruses.

I now propose that proof for such a program exist in the mysterious difference between the rates of death, the lethality seen, in those exposed to the H1N1 Swine flu virus. Those living within the U.S. have experienced a mild reaction to the virus, while those living within Mexico have seen a far higher mortality.

This difference could very well be explained if citizens north of the Mexican border were at some point exposed to weakened forms of avian, or swine flu viruses.

The only death so far in the U.S. was a young child who may not have lived long enough to have been secretly inoculated.

Such inoculation would take place by flying stealth aircraft over U.S. population centers, and exploding small cellulose bomblets containing virus segments. The small bombs, similar to fireworks would create shock waves which would force condensation within clouds, thus causing rain on demand.

The population, unaware of the existence of such a program, would have lived their entire lives listening to thunderstorms in which these small explosions exist, and would be unable to discern artificial thunder from real thunder.

So that's my proposal - a secret government program - some may see as sinister, but one which may have worked to protect the population.

Then again, for all we know the current pandemic may have been deliberate, and there is no assurance that the same people who would secretly innoculate U.S. citizens wouldn't also start a pandemic.

I in no way suggest that all U.S. citizens would enjoy protection from the coming wave of swine flu,, as not everyone would be innoculated, and in addition such innuculation might only have created a partial immunity.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Holy Father of Physics & Mathematics Dies

Springfield, Illinois' Holy Father of Physics & Mathematics Dies

I was forwarded a link to an old high school teacher's obituary which appeared in the local paper today. I began reading some of the entries in this dead teacher's online guests book, and I was astonished.

I've never read so much baloney in my life.

It is part and parcel within the territory of a religious education that a sort of mindless adherence to authority, a cult of personality let us say, is inculcated, and encouraged, within the student body. Jesus after all, and all the Saints, and Popes who followed him are meant to be admired, are meant to inspire.

There is a mystical aura which shrouds the very nature of the holy man, the holy woman, the priest, the nun. And those who have been raised Catholic in those years in which priests and nuns actually taught know full well of the peculiarities of those entrusted by the parish to raise the next generation of faithful. Those peculiarities though obvious to many a victim somehow remained imperceptible to others of greater faith and innocence - or was it just good luck or stupidity.

So I can see how even a miserable soul once put in a position of playing the holy man or priest, or of the wise man, or teacher, could collect a flock of adherents, and admirers - faith and authority, manipulation and abuse - walk hand in hand.

However, far from being impressed with this teacher at the time, or even now, my perception is that this man of holiness, this wise man was in fact an oddball, and a bully down to the core.

I always believed that he was a man of limited social and intellectual abilities. I always thought he was a man who sought refuge within the classroom from what he must have seen as the baser aspects of life - aspects such as falling in love with a beautiful woman, raising children, having to deal with others as equals or at least pretending that others could possibly be equals, and mostly just having to handle the fact that one is not always in control - that there is a life outside of the classroom - that there is merit in things not reducible to an algebraic equation.

Bon Voyage Holy Father of Physics & Math, and while some may see my post as disrespectful I must argue that respect is the act of looking back, and that is entirely what this post is. You might not like what you read, but that is only because I won't try to rewrite history.

This man was feared. He went out of his way to attack teenagers for their looks - long hair was all the rage when I attended the school he taught at. Teens who didn't even attend his classes were targeted by this little man who thought he was a giant.

There are some hyper catholic nerds who will feel a need to defend his fascist approach to teaching, and maybe he was the best teacher you ever had - and if so, boy do I feel sorry for you. How uninspired your post secondary educations must have been - perhaps filled with uninspired "teachers" hiding behind their equations too?


I wanted to add two quick stories about our beloved Holy Father of Physics & Math.
From what we see in his obituary's guest book it appears he'll be up for canonization really soon. As the good padre acted as holy gatekeeper of up and coming Catholic boys with intentions of working for the military industrial complex it is only predictable that some of those boys would come to believe he was a regular Thomas Aquinas.

The thing these guest book posters are collectively forgetting is that they were at an age, and at a critical part in their education where the basic fundamental concepts of Physics, and The Calculus could have been taught by any competent teacher with a similar result. It is after all the foundation, and the introduction, and is therefore impressive by its very nature. Father Physics and Math was simply fortunate to be in the right place. He was not a particulary good teacher, nor was he a particularly good man.

Rulers For Rulers

After informing a coworker about this holy man's obit today, my coworker immediately responded, "Oh, yes I've heard of him - and of his rulers from my Uncles!"

You see you use rulers to hit students with. He could get away with this since not only was it the culture of the school at the time, but if anyone ever tried to rebuke this man of God, this lamb of God, he would threaten to quit.

This one man could toss anyone he wanted into detention, get kids suspended on a lark, or even tossed out of school permanently - that is just how much of a primadonna this man of God was.

And he could get away with it because he worked cheap. But instead of people saying, hey, he works cheap for a man with his education, people - kids really - would say, he was the smartest, most qualified man who ever walked the earth. You see it in the post in his obit's guest book, all the malarky about his great intellect - of his new role advising God himself - what horse hockey! My question is, if he were so great why didn't he go on to JPL, or MIT? Talk is cheap fellas. You justify his inability to go further by suggesting it was his dedication to Jesus, to service, and community - but there's no proof he could have gone any farther in his career.

Boy, I'll Bust Your Balls In The Name of Jesus!

Another reader sent me a story in which this Saint of Physics and Math threatened to beat up a Freshman student who was attempting to use his hall pass, legitimately provided to him by another teacher so that he could go to the bathroom.

This gentle and divine follower of Jesus threatened this boy, by telling him, "Take another step, and you're not going to be normal again for the rest of your life". Praise him! It must have been thrilling to threaten 14 year old boys with a good thrashing in the names of Jesus and Newton!

Oh well, in the words of The Who, "Let's forget you better still".

Stanford & 11th Springfield Illinois Fatal "Accident"

Stanford & 11th Springfield Illinois Fatal "Accident" April 2009

There is a small grouping of flowers at the base of a (the) utility pole at the corner of Stanford and 11th - the intersection where two men lost their lives, and a third (the driver) was critically injured.

Something which I noticed about the State Journal Register online story, relating to the Stanford and 11th auto accident, was that SJ-R had initially left the comments option set to on.

Yesterday was a Sunday, so perhaps, by Monday bigger minds prevailed, and the comments were all deleted, and no commenting was allowed.

As I read through the comments I found myself both fascinated, and repulsed, by what I read. Some of the more interesting comments were posted by those who live in the neighborhood, and who shared their experiences, and thoughts. Some of the more reprehensible comments were those which sought to blame the passengers who were killed - how could anyone know what was going on in that speeding car as it raced through a red light? The passengers may have been pleading with the driver to slow down - we'll never know.

We can only wish a peaceful and happy afterlife for those who have been taken from us.

One last thought. I don't like the word accident to describe what happened - because it wasn't an accident.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu Outbreak In Beardstown Illinois?

As swine flu spreads across the U.S. it will be interesting to see which communities get hit first, and worst. I would imagine that cities and towns with high percentages of illegal aliens, like Beardstown, Illinois, will get hit early.

The illegal status of the workers at Beardstown's meat packing plant will tend to discourage workers, mostly illegals from Mexico, from seeking medical assistance. This will hurt the communities, and communities like Beardstown, Illinois from controlling the spread of Swine Flu.

Hopefully, as the epidemic spreads across the U.S. the various infectious disease agencies across the U.S. will reach out to the millions of illegals in the U.S. to provide care, and information.

Could an illegal alien sneaking into Beardstown, Illinois from Mexico carry Swine Flu from Mexico, and contaminate the meat packing plant? Could the virus be carried back to farms aboard trucks?

I have no idea what might be possible, but certainly as the epidemic spreads rumors will too.

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