Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mammatus Clouds Over Springfield Illinois

Mammatus Clouds Over Springfield, Illinois March 31st, 2007
Learn more about these mammatus clouds. Why are they called Mamma Clouds? Use your imagination.

Mammato Cumulus Clouds Over Springfield, Illinois

Thunder Storm Chatham Road

Thunderstorm From Chatham Road Overpass

This was a grab and shoot with some digital processing before posting. The shutter hangs open for a fraction of a second and creates a motion blur effect.

A little after sunset.

I'm at the top of a railroad overpass driving North into Springfield, Illinois. Down the hill a car approaches - thus the little squiggly line.

Dark ominous clouds to the front right are slashed with lighting while behind me and to the left the sky has begun to clear.

I am driving back into the storm - back into the city.

More storms are expected tonight.

Abe Lincoln's Home Town Haunted?

This Orb Photo Was Taken September 2006 - Near Abe Lincoln's Home - Springfield, IL
Whispers Within The Silence
The photograph of the Orb (above) taken last summer just one block from Abraham Lincoln's Home led me to search out those in our historic community who may have witnessed unusual phenomena.

One local blogger has made several references to such encounters recently. I'll leave it to my readers to encourage this brave young woman to share her stories with the rest of us.

I too have seen my share of unusual phenomena, and have been reluctant to share.

Springfield, Illinois may seem like a typical little town living a typical little daydream, but there's something deeper going on here - and has been for a very long time.

Something seems to be taking place at a level which barely registers. Like echoes bouncing within the miles of abandoned coal mines which run under our city the stories of these strange phenomena seem to bounce from one person, and one generation to the next.
Ongoing Haunting Taking Place

For several months now I have been consulting with an individual who works at a historic building here in town. This individual has sworn to me that he has seen a ghost!

He claims that ghostly phenomena is taking place on a regular basis in one of Springfield, Illinois' oldest and most historic buildings.

According to this gentleman the ongoing haunting is so frightening he is close to quiting his job. He tells me that several of his coworkers are aware of the haunting, and that at least one photograph has been taken of the ghost!

The Haunted Lake Club - Springfield, Illinois - As It Appeared In The 1940s
While Springfield, Illinois locals know about of The Lake Club Haunting there are many other stories to be shared about unusual phenomena taking place right now in Springfield, Illinois!
Local Main Stream Media won't touch this due to the controversial nature of the subject, but we've all heard the stories.

Wooded Knolls - Location of the Lincoln's Home Historic Area Ghostly Orb
Isn't It Time To "Out" Springfield, Illinois' Historic Ghost?

None of the locals want to announce to the world that Abe Lincoln's hometown is bedeviled by unwanted spirits, but isn't it time to be honest about this? Isn't it time to admit that Abe Lincoln's hometown is haunted?

The Indian tribes, log cabin settlers, and those pioneers who followed have moved on long ago, but some may not have done so for a reason. Denial isn't going to help anyone.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Nasty Virus Floating About Springfield, Illinois

While I feel o.k. for the most part, for some reason I feel a bit run down.
My blog posting has been a little sparse of late.
Just a bit more tired than usual, but that won't last long.

My daughter seems to be sick. The whole fever, chest cold thing.

Except for feeling tired, and wanting to sleep a normal amount of sleep I don't seem too bad off.

I guess when the worst a person gets hit is that they desire a full nights rest that's not that bad.

I heard on Pam Furr's radio program that Springfield, Illinois Mayor is down with pneumonia.

So I guess this can get worse if it's not watched carefully.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Watch Out Panther Creek - I've Won!


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I'm quiting my job!

I'm moving to Panther Creek!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saint Patrick's Day Parade - Springfield, Illinois V

US Army Jeep - Springfield, Illinois 2007 St Patrick's Day Parade
The Jeep above was followed by another Jeep which was equipped with some type of mounted rocket launcher. Thought that was cool looking because I recall playing army as a child with plastic Jeeps similarly equipped.

Chrysler Vintage Pickup Truck - Rich Brauer - Springfield, Illinois
This is an incredible design for a truck. You can see it looks like some sort of creature. Back in the day when trucks, and automobiles like this were manufactured in America designers were creating far out designs the likes of which we'll probably never see again.

Vintage Fire Truck - Seventh and Washington - Springfield, Illinois
This antique fire truck is incredible. As we can see it has been wisely put to use by a local political candidate.

Model A - Saint Patrick's Day Parade - Springfield, IL 2007
Each one of these Model A's are a work of art. Their owners obviously put a great deal of time, effort, and money into keeping them at top shape.

Model A - Springfield, Illinois - 2007 St. Patrick's Day Parade
And to finish this post I'll toss in another Model A. See my other prior post for more Model A photos taken during the Springfield, Illinois 2007 Saint Patrick's Day Parade!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lost in the Supermarket - Habla Usted Espanol?

Hakuna Matata

Surrounded am I
walkin the isles of Aldi's
Surrounded am I
not a word can I understand
Surrounded am I

They are the law breakers
Yet family they are
The children well behaved
Husbands and wives well behaved
Avoid eye contact
With me

I am not supposed to notice
I am not supposed to care
I am not supposed to be able
To tell the difference
But I do

That's the new expectation
For Gringos
Like me

I'm supposed to be stupid
Or is it el stupido
That's what the situation

Each week I find that I am
one of the few who speak English
I the entire Aldi's store

I don't see this at other stores just yet
But I'm waiting
It won't be long

But for now it appears to be a

That's right
a phenomena

At the store with the cheapest prices
in town.

An Aldi's phenomena

Sort of a portent of things to come
For you well to do folk
who shop at Schnucks
and Cubs and wherever you West Side folk shop

Now I am a southern Californian?
I guess this is how they feel?
I am a minority
For I speak English

Listen folks
It's all a game
I have gotten all too used to it

I'll share with you
So you'll be forewarned when you see it
In your rich shopping centers
It is coming your way too you know

I am torn
They seem so nice
They are here to work
To start their version of the American Dream

I know I am supposed to assume they are legal
I am supposed to assume they simply know no English at all.
That they simply don't want to even look in my eyes.
I am supposed to assume they are very very very shy.
Very very very shy spanish only speaking people employed?
Somewhere here in town where only spanish speaking people only
Can be employed.
Perhaps the Secretary of State?

I am supposed to accept it
To keep quiet about my inner knowledge
I am the evil racist
At least by Illinois Times standards.

About my suspicions
About why they won't look me in the eyes
Damn it

I am after all politically incorrect
I'm a white guy

I am the great white evil North American
And they the oppressed peoples of the South
Fleeing poverty for the land of opportunity

Willing to work for 5.35 per hour with a

Even uttering such thoughts surely reveals me to be a racist
a bigot
a brute
who is totally
totally inconsiderate of the fact that
New Mexico
and Arizona
Was stolen
That's right
Damn it all to hell
Stolen from the people of Mexico!

I am so confused

Should I be concerned?

What has happened to the America I knew?
Does this make me an evil racist?
Or worse yet, a conservative?

Is this a great wrong?
A necessary evil?
Historic Karma?
An Invasion?
A conspiracy?
Or should I just accept the fact
That each week
I am surrounded by illegal aliens
From Mexico
When I shop?
Even here in Springfield, Illinois?

I see them at Aldi's
Their children make the mistake of looking me in the eyes
I quickly smile
They smile back
They know this game well
And so do mother and father

They are a beautiful people

I mean you no harm
I wish I could say

I could help you
I wish I could say

But if you're here illegally I can not
I simply can't condone it
No matter how bad things are back in Mexico

Still they are not evil
Still they mean no harm
Still they are the future of this land

The U.S.A. is soon to become a Latin American nation
It is inevitable as the melting of the poles.
And I must accept it

The ruling class of this nation demands cheap labor
The ruling class of this nation demand broken unions
The ruling class of this nation intends to destroy the middle class
In every and any way they can
Flooding the nation with illegals is a brilliant method to do this

If the tide of illegals threatened the rich you can be damned sure
They'd be rounded up in a heart beat
But they make great servants

Why else would I be surrounded by illegal aliens as I pick up the canned pineapple?
Why else would I be surrounded by illegals as I walk through the frozen goods?

This has all been approved
Arranged at the highest levels of government
The illegals know it
They know but we still deny it here
In the Midwest
But we won't be able to do so for long

The wave is building all across this land

The borders of this nation are thrown open
To anyone who simply walks in or drives in.
It's all been approved

And if three hundred million Americans rose up and said stop it now
It would still go on
Because the rich need their cheap labor

We must accept it

It is time for me to learn Espanol
It is time for all you Gringos to learn the future
Of this nation
Is not written in English

Habla Usted Espanol?

email jp






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